My Story

All I really know is that I don’t know. But I’m trying my best to figure everything out as I go. This blog started primarily as a political blog, but has moved on to less toxic things as I’ve begun seeking balance and wellness.

An unfortunate personal loss motivated me to refocus my energies into a more positive direction in order to be a better, healthier person. I discovered this higher path through a very unexpected love of running and how that love has changed the way I view the world, my role in it, and my abilities to affect the smallest part of it; the part I occupy at any given moment.

I may still rub up against the occasional political issue as I still believe everything that I expressed in my earliest posts, but that fire has cooled. I will mainly be using this forum to share new experiences and revelations as I progress in my still growing love of running, my continued evolution towards a plant based diet, a recently adopted meditative practice, and the spiritual clarity all of these things together have provided me. I hope it is of some value to readers, but a lot of my motivation is to simply get some of these things out of my head in order to make room for new thoughts. I am definitely a slow work in progress.

modern fam

I clearly take too much inspiration from my Modern Family desk calendar. But I honestly believe that I have spent way too much of my life sitting complacently at a level at least 15% lower than the man I could be. I’m working to correct that. Wish me luck.

Feel free to contact me at Note the lack of “the” in the email address. Somebody beat me to that one somehow. Jerks.

And if you’re a glutton for punishment, you can also follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter @thatguyw_beard. Both still new to me, but I like them so far.


Dec 8,–Virginia Beach, VA–Surf n Santa 5K: 26:30 (First race)
Dec 15–Portsmouth, Va–Santa Claus Shuffle 5K: 24:53

Jan 5–Chesapeake, Va–Tidewater Striders Distance Series 10K: 58.31
Feb 2–Virginia Beach, Va–Polar Plunge 5K: 24:11
Feb 23–Chesapeake Va–Tidewater Striders Distance Series 20K: 1:56:46 (PR)
Mar 17–Virginia Beach, Va–Shamrock Half Marathon: 1:58:21
May 25–Portsmouth, Va–Elizabeth River Run 10K: 48:56
Jul 30–Norfolk, Va–Memorial Scholarship 5K: 22:47 (PR)
Sept 01–Virginia Beach, Va–Rock N Roll Half Marathon: 1:56:50
Oct 19–New Bern, NC–Neuse River Bridge Half Marathon: 1:54:57 (PR)
Nov 17–Philadelphia, PA–Philadelphia Marathon: 4:11:11 (PR)
Nov 28–Virginia Beach, VA–Striders Turkey Trot 10K: 47:53 (PR)

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